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                                                                          Department of Pharmacology

                                                                          About Us
                                                                          Discipline of pharmacology, Basic medical science school of ZJU, consists of 13 teachers, including 7 doctorate professors / doctoral tutors, 5 Associate Professors/Master Instructors. Every year, we enroll 15-20 graduate students for masters and doctorate degrees, thus build up a dynamic academic atmosphere. Our discipline was founded at the beginning of the establishment of Zhejiang University of Mmedical sSchool. And in the efforts of several generations of famous pharmacologists such as Yu Dezhan, Bian Rulian, Zhang Yuanpei, Di Baoqin, Fang Ruiyin, Zzheng Xiufeng, Yong Dingguo, Yang Qiuhuo, Zhou Hanliang, Fang Liben, Chen Jiqiang, Wei Erqing, and Chen Zhong, our discipline form our own teaching and research distinguishing features in respiratory pharmacology ,inflammation pharmacology ,immune pharmacology,tumor pharmacology ,alimentary pharmacology,neuropharmacology.
                                                                          Rereash Research Features
                                                                          Our research area mainly focus on neuropharmacology   , pharmacology of respiratory and pharmacology of anti-inflammation. And wWe have gained a large amount of achievement in epilepsy, dementia, cerebral ischemia, brain trauma, bronchus asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and related diseases such as the central histamine system, 5 -fat in ammonia enzymes/acylation leukotrienes receptors, phospholipid molecular targets. Recently, our discipline hasve introduced some foreign talents who focus on skeletal development and anti-tumor pharmacology etc..
                                                                          After the reform and opening-up policy of China, our discipline closely followed the trend and developed rapidly. Listed below are the momentous turning point of our discipline.
                                                                           In 1981,our discipline was approved authorized for master’s degree
                                                                           Since 1994, our discipline was honored as the mainly supported discipline in the province
                                                                           In 1997, two key laboratories of the ministry/provincial were established.( Pharmaceutical administration drug research center of zhejiang respiratory medicine research laboratory, key laboratory of the provincial, and Cerebrovascular, neurological drug screening and Chinese herbal medicine development and evaluation research laboratory, laboratory of neurophysiology)
                                                                           In 2000, our discipline wasgranted  authorizationed for doctorate by the state council.
                                                                           Since 2003, our discipline was honored the key discipline in the province.
                                                                           Since 2007, became the registration units of the health key laboratories—laboratory of medical neurobiology