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                                  Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

                                  About us
                                  Discipline of Human anatomy and cell biology, Basic medical science school of ZJU, consists of 16 teachers, including four4 doctorate professors / doctoral tutors,five5 Associate Professors/Master Instructors, two2 Associate Professor ,4four lecturers and 1one assistant professor. There are three3 course groups and four4 PIs. And oOur discipline areis the secondary discipline doctoral degree authorization centers and Mobile post-doctoral stations of basic medical science.
                                  Teaching features
                                  The curriculums we have set up for undergraduates, graduates and overseas students frominclude: Basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, oral medicine , nursing and preventive medicine including systematic anatomy, topographic anatomy, human anatomy, histology and embryology, molecular and cellular biology and medicine etc.
                                  The curriculums we set up for graduated students includesing Advanced cell biology, Anatomy of motor system, anatomy of nervous system, Abdominal Anatomy, Head and neck anatomy, Modern neurobiology, Histology and Developmental Biology, Cell Biology Topics, Electron microscopy technictechnique.
                                  The curriculum hHistology and embryology is the provincial superior course
                                  Many teachers of our discipline have taken part in the compiling of teaching materials including Histology and Embryology and the 7th version of Histology and embryology experiment technictechnique directed by the ministry of health. Histology and Embryology published by Peking University press. Histology and Embryology and Medical cell biology published by Zhejiang University press. The 2nd version of Histology and Embryology directed by the ministry of health.
                                  Research Features
                                  Research Areas:
                                  In the efforts of several yearsgenerations, we have gained significant achievements in lymphology, genomics and epigenetics of cancer, disease proteomics, molecular regulatory of cell motility and cell cycle, the molecular mechanism of gastric cancer, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, clinical translational medicine, molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, mechanisms of spinal cord injury and repair, development mechanisms of nervous system. Especially in Lymphology, completely localization of the clinical treatment of autologous chondrocyte transplantation and other areas of research  are in the leading position.
                                  One first prize of national technology conferences award; one first prize of China's national education scientific and technological progress award; andone first prize of State University Natural
                                  Science awards:
                                  Meanwhile, we are the affiliated units of the U.S. Department of Asian Journal of The Anatomical Record editorial department. At the same time, we are the cell biology association of  Zhejiang Province in China, and belongs to the cell biology branch of medicine in China.