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                                  about us


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                                  Directory By Name:

                                  Name: Linhanting
                                  Post: Professor
                                  Position: vice chairman of Hepatobiliary-pancreatic society, zhejiang medical association
                                  Education: Bachelor
                                  Professional: General Surgery
                                  Departments: The Second Affiliated Hospital
                                  Research: Hepatic, Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery
                                  TEL: 87783580
                                  E-mail: linht@z2hospital.com
                                  Personal Home Page:


                                  professor of general surgery, Supervisor of master . He graduated from Zhejiang medical university in 1970, and worked as member of foreign aid medical team in Mali. Lin studied in the affiliated hospital of medical college ,Yamagata University(Japan) from 1994 to 1995 as visiting scholar. Lin is the vice chairman of Hepatobiliary-pancreatic society, zhejiang medical association and the member of Professional Committee of liver cancer, chinese anti-cancer association. He also is the member of general surgical branch of Chinese Doctor Association.