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                                                  Directory By Name:

                                                  Name: Zhengliangrong
                                                  Post: Professor
                                                  Position: Vice-director
                                                  Education: M.D.
                                                  Professional: Department of cardiology
                                                  Departments: The First Affiliated Hospital
                                                  Research: Cardiology, pacing and electrophysiology
                                                  TEL: 87236502
                                                  E-mail: zlrylnn@126.com
                                                  Personal Home Page:


                                                  Name: Zheng liangrong
                                                  Address: Dept of cardiology, The first affiliated hospital,
                                                  Medical college of Zhejiang university
                                                  79#Qing Chun Road , Hangzhou, China, 310003
                                                  Phone: 086,0571,86025298
                                                  E-mail: Zlrylnn@126.com
                                                  Date of birth: November 18, 1963
                                                  Health: Excellent
                                                  Marital status: Married
                                                  Sex: Male
                                                  1981—1986: Medicine Department of Zhejiang Medical University( Hangahou), Undergraduate Student
                                                  1988—1991: Dept of cardiology of Tianjing Medical University Graduate Student
                                                  Specialty: Cardiac pacing and electrophysiology
                                                  2002----2008 : Dept of cardiology, The first affiliated hospital, Medical college of Zhejiang University
                                                  Medical doctor
                                                  Specialty: Cardiac pacing and electrophysiology
                                                  1986—1988: Physician, Changshan Hospital ,Zhejiang
                                                  1988—1991: Graduated Student
                                                  Laboratory of cardiac pacing and Electrophysiology
                                                  Tiangjing Medical University
                                                  Research area: The role of EAD in the cardiac arrhythmias and long QT syndrome
                                                  1991—1997: Attending medicine doctor, Dept of cardiology,
                                                  The first affiliated hospital , Medical college of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou,China
                                                  1997—present: Professor, Vice-director of Dept of Cardiology , Cardiac Cath-- Lab , The first affiliated hospital, Medical college of Zhejiang University , Hangzhou
                                                  2004.1—3: visit & training in Cath—lab ofT oronto General Hospital
                                                  Since 1991, I have been performed more than 5000 radiofrequency catheter ablation procedures, over 1000 cardiac pacing, and a large number of other cardiac catheterizations. Having engaged in the field of EP and Cardiac pacing for over twenty years. I have some experience in ablation and implantation of CRT and ICD.

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