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                                                          Location: Home \ RESEARCH\ Institutes

                                                          Institute of Cardiology, College of Medicine, Zhejiang Univerisity

                                                          [Source]: [Author]: [Date]: 2010-12-07[Views]: 2872

                                                          The Institute of Cardiology, founded in 1984, is one of the pivot disciplines in college of medicine, Zhejiang University. It was approved to be one of the first clinical trial bases of cardiovascular pharmacology in 1984, the project of key medical discipline of Zhejiang province in 1997, then the key enabling discipline of Zhejiang province in 1999 and the key enabling discipline of Chinese traditional medicine of Zhejiang province in 2004.
                                                          The Institute of Cardiology is one of the earliest master’s degree and M.D/PH.D conferments on medicine, approved by the Degree Committee of the Chinese State Department in 1984 and 1987 respectively.
                                                          The institute consists of departments of cardiology from three Zhejiang University affiliated hospitals, namely the 1st, the 2nd and the Sir RUN RUN SHAW hospital. There are 6 tutors for doctor degree, 30 tutors for graduate, 28 professors and chief physicians, 30 assistant researchers, associate professors and associate chief physician. Among all personnel, 35 of them possess M.D/PH.D degree and 50 with master’s degree.
                                                          The institute has been conducting studies in aspects which has already achieved prominent results, including the interventional cardiology, the pathogenesis and prevention in artherosclerosis, the pathogenesis of hypertension and protection of target organs, the clinical cardiovascular pharmacology, the clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and its population prevention. Further more, the Institute of Cardiology has settled a long term collaboration with world’s famous universities, including Loma-Linda University school of medicine, University of Huston, Wright State University school of medicine in Ohio, and the University of South California in USA.
                                                          In recent 5 years, the Institute has undertaken 4 national key projects, 8 national natural science projects, and other 100 programs from the provincial natural science foundation, the provincial science and technology, etc. Among which, 10 programs won the 2nd prize of the provincial science and technology progress and 20 programs with the 3rd prize. 2 programs got the 1st prize of the provincial science technology progress of medicine, 12 got the 2nd prize and 16 got the 3rd prize. The institute has already cultivated 2 postdoctoral students, 51 M.D/PH.D students and 163 with master’s degree. Since the re-opening of the post-graduate prgrames, professional courses have been established as advanced cardiovascular disease and professional English, etc. 51 M.D/PH.Ds, 163 masters and 2 post-doctors has been vested in the corresponding degree.
                                                          Great progress in all aspects of academic research has been made in recent years, with overall domestic advanced level, and some areas in domestic leading position or international advanced level.