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                          Name: GuYan
                          Post: Professor
                          Position: Principle Investigator
                          Education: Ph.D.
                          Professional: Stem cell and regenerative medicine
                          Departments: Faculty of Basic Medicine
                          Research: Adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis
                          TEL: 0571-88981084
                          E-mail: guyan2015@zju.edu.cn
                          Personal Home Page: http://person.zju.edu.cn/guyan


                          Education and Research Experience: 1995.  9 – 2000.  6 University of Science and Technology of China B.S. 2000.  9 – 2005.  6 University of Science and Technology of China    Ph.D. 2005.  8 – 2008. 10 Oregon Health & Science University Postdoctoral Fellow 2008. 10 – 2014.  7 State University of New York at Stony Brook Postdoctoral Associate 2014.  7 – 2015.  8 State University of New York at Stony Brook Research Scientist 2015.  9 – Present Zhejiang University Principle Investigator Societies: 2008 – Society of Neuroscience Member 2011 – New York Acadamy of Science Member 2016 –         Chinese Neuroscience Society    Member Research direction: In distinct regions in adult mammalian brain, such as the subventricular zone (SVZ) along the lateral ventricals and the sungranular zone (SGZ) in the hippocmapal dentate gyrus, there exist neural stem cells throughout life. These neural stem cells continuously generate newborn neurons, which integrate into the existing neural circuits and play important physiological roles. Further understanding the proliferation and differentiation of the adult neural stem cells, the development, integration and function of the newborn neurons will not only reveal the mechanisms of information processing in the brain, but also provide new strategies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and brain damages using endogenous neural stem cells. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms regulating the differentiation of neural stem cells and development of newborn neurons, as well as the physiological functions of newborn neurons in the adult brain. Select Publications: 1. Kajimoto K, Valenzuela CF, Allan AM, Ge S, Gu Y, Cunningham LA. Prenatal alcohol exposure alters synaptic activity of adult hippocampal dentate granule cells under conditions of enriched environment. Hippocampus 2016, Mar 24.   2. Wang L, Kloc M, Gu Y, Ge S, Maffei A. Layer-specific experience-dependent rewiring of thalamocortical circuits. J Neurosci 2013, Feb 27;33(9):4181-91. 3. Gu Y, Arruda-Carvalho M, Wang J, Janoschka SR, Josselyn SA, Frankland PW, Ge S* Optical controlling reveals time-dependent roles for adult-born dentate granule cells. Nature Neuroscience 2012, 15(12), 1700-1706. 4. Kumamoto N#, Gu Y#, Wang J, Janoshka S, Takemaru K-I, Levine J, Ge S* A role for primary cilia in glutamatergic synaptic integration of adult-born neurons. Nature Neuroscience 2012, 15(3), 399-405, S1. (# Equal contribution)   5. Song J, Zhong C, Bonaguidi MA, Sun GJ, Hsu D, Gu Y, Meletis K, Huang ZJ, Ge S, Enikolopov G, Deisseroth K, Luscher B, Christian KM, Ming G-l, Song H* Neuronal circuitry mechanism regulating adult quiescent neural stem cell fate decision. Nature 2012, 489(7414), 150-154. 6. Gu Y, Janoschka S, Ge S* Studying the integration of adult-born neurons. J Vis Exp. 2011, Mar 25;(49). pii: 2548. 7. Gu Y, Wang L, Xiao C, Guo F, Ruan DY* Effects of lead on voltage-gated sodium channels in rat hippocampal CA1 neurons. Neuroscience. 2005, 133(3):679-90. 8. Gu Y, Ge SY, Ruan DY* Effect of 4-aminopyridine on synaptic transmission in rat hippocampal slices. Brain Res. 2004, May 1;1006(2):225-32. Book Chapter: Gu Y*, Janoschka S, Ge S* (2013) Neurogenesis and hippocampal plasticity in adult brain. in Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences 15: Neurogenesis and Neural Plasticity, Eds: Catherine Belzung & Peter Wigmore, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, p. 31-48.