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                                  about us


                                  Location: Home \ Faculty

                                  Directory By Name:

                                  Post: Professor
                                  Position: vice secretary
                                  Education: Bachelor
                                  Professional: Obstetric and Gynecology
                                  Departments: The Affiliated Woman’s Hospital
                                  Research: general gynecology
                                  TEL: 87061501-1003
                                  E-mail: linjun@zju.edu.cn
                                  Personal Home Page: http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/0083367


                                   Linjun was graduated from the Zhejiang University medical school (original Zhejiang Medical college)in December, 1982 . After the graduation, He has been engaged in the gynecology and obstetrics including clinic,teaching and scientific research. He is experted in the gynecology and obstetrics difficult disease\'s diagnosis and endoscope technology. uteroscope electrotomy technology has filled the blank in Zhejiang Province .He is a leader in gynecology scholarly field in the Zhejiang province. He Manages and participates in more than 30 scientific research item such as the National Nature Science Fund and the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province. He has published more than sixty papers and more than 10 are recorded by SCI. So far, he has cultured about 20 masters and 4 doctors.