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                  Directory By Name:

                  Name: ChenYiding
                  Post: Associate Professor
                  Position: Associate Director
                  Education: Ph.D.
                  Professional: surgery, Oncology
                  Departments: The Affiliated Woman’s Hospital
                  Research: Research in breast cancer
                  TEL: 87061501-2158
                  E-mail: ydchen@zju.edu.cn
                  Personal Home Page: http://www.cabbs.net


                  Personal Information
                  Name: Chen Yi-ding
                  Sex: Male
                  Date of Birth: Oct.21, 1971
                  Place of Birth: Cixi City, Zhejiang Province
                  Native Place: Zhejiang Province, PR China
                  Tel: Tel (office): +86-571-87061501
                  Mobile Phone:+8613605719519
                  Address: Xueshi Road 1,
                  Dept. of surgery, the Affiliated Woman’s Hospital Zhejiang University of Medical College.
                  Hangzhou, 310003
                  Zhejiang Province, PR China
                  E-mail: ydchen@zju.edu.cn
                  www: http://www.cabbs.net
                  2005.11-2006.12 Postdoctoral
                  Oncology, Long Island Jewish Medical Center of Einstein Medical
                  school, USA
                  2000.9- 2004.6 PhD ,MD
                  Oncology, Medical College of Zhejiang University, PR China
                  1994.9- 1997.7 Master Degree of Medical Science
                  Oncology, Medical College of Zhejiang University, PR China
                  1989.9- 1994.7 Bachelor of medicine
                  Zhejiang Medical University, PR China
                  Position in Home country
                  Associate Professor of Zhejiang University
                  Director of Dept. Of surgery, the Affiliated Woman’s Hospital Zhejiang University of Medical College
                  Professional Experience
                  1997.8- 2010.2, Resident/Attending /Associate Chief physician
                  Dept. Of Oncology, the Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University of Medical College, Hangzhou.
                  2010.2~ , Dept. Of surgery, the Affiliated Woman’s Hospital Zhejiang University of Medical College, Hangzhou
                  Research Field
                  1. Research on prognosis in breast carcinoma (leading to Master Degree of Medicine)
                  2. Research on vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), microvessel density (MVD) of breast cancer
                  3. Research on SELDI Protein Chip Technology and Bioinformatics in Cancer Diagnosis Research. This work was supported by the Key Project of National Basic Research and Developmental Plan (973) of China (G1998051200); the Science and Technology Developmental Project of Zhejiang Province (2003C33051).
                  4. Participation in clinical research
                  Experimental skills:
                  1. HPLC
                  2. Mass Spectrum(SELDI-TOF-MS)
                  3. In situ hybridization
                  4. 2 Dimensions Electrophoresis
                  5. immnohistochemistry
                  Bioinformatics and computer skills:
                  1. Be accomplished in artificial neural networks(ANN), Support Vector Machine(SVM), Decision Tree and data mining.
                  2. Experienced user of Linux, Dos, Windows.
                  3. Can program with ASP.net, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java.
                  4. Proficient in using of bioinformatics software and resource.
                  Publication list:
                  Journal papers: (In recent years)
                  1) Liu YE, Chen Y, Dackour R, Ding Q, Wang S, Wang ZY, and Shi YE. 2010. Synuclein gamma stimulates membrane initiated estrogen signaling by chaperoning ER-36, a variant of ER-. American J. Pathology, in press.(Co-First Author)
                  2) Chen Y, Chen F, Xie P, Qiu P, Zhou J, Deng Y. 2009. Combined Oxidized Cellulose and Cyanoacrylate Glue in the Management of Severe Presacral Bleeding. Surgery Today. 239:1016~1017(First Author)
                  3) Wang H, Ge J, Chen L, Xie P, Chen F, Chen Y. 2009. Melanocytic Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Male Breast. Breast care. 4:460-462 (Corresponding Author)
                  4) Zhou Y, Liu Y, Cao J, Zeng, G, Shen C, Li Y, Zhou M, Chen Y, Pu W, Potters L, Shi E. 2009. Vitexins, Nature-Derived Lignan Compounds, Induce Apoptosis and Suppress Tumor Growth. Clinical Cancer Research. 15:5161-5170
                  5) Gu W, Zhou L, Shan P, Chen Y. 2008. Analysis of Urinary Proteomic Patterns for Diabetic Nephropathy by ProteinChip. Proteomics. 2:744–750 (Corresponding Author)
                  6) Wu K, Quan Z, Weng Z, Li F, Zhang Y, Yao X, Chen Y, Budman D, Goldberg ID, Shi YE. 2007. Expression of neuronal protein synuclein gamma gene as a novel marker for breast cancer prognosis. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 101:259-67
                  7) Guo J, Shou C, Meng L, Jiang B, Dong B, Yao L, Xie Y, Zhang J, Chen Y, Budman DR, Shi YE. 2007. Neuronal protein synuclein gamma predicts poor clinical outcome in breast cancer. International Journal of Cancer. 121:1296-305
                  8) Chen Y , Zheng S, Yu J,Hu X. 2004. Artificial Neural Networks Analysis of SELDI Mass Spectra of Serum Protein Pattern Distinguishes Colorectal Cancer from Healthy Population. Clinical Cancer Research .10: 8380-8385(First Author)
                  9) Chen Y, Zheng S, Yu J, Hu X. 2004. Development of serum biomarker model and its application in colorectal cancer diagnosis. Journal of Tumor Marker Oncology. 19: 251-258(First Author)
                  10) Chen Y , ZHENG s, YU J. et al. Application of serum protein model in diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Zhonghua Zhongliu Zazhi(Beijing). 2004,26(7):417-419
                  11) Chen Y, QIU P, ZHANG S, et al. Use of adhesive to control massive bleeding during resection tumor. Journal of Practical oncology. 2004, 19(4):342-343
                  12) Chen Y, PENG J, ZHANG S. et al. Prognostic significance of bcl-2 and p53 expression in colorectal carcinoma.  Journal of Clinical Experiential Pathology(Anhui), 2003, 19(6): 616-618
                  13) PENG J, Chen Y, WU J, et al. Prognostic significance of C-erbB-2 in Breast carcinoma. Tumor(Shanghai) 2001,21(3):216-218